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Research Database

Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Irvine, William (Dr) Natural Products Institute CP450 Metabolism; Drug Discovery and Development; Molecular Modelling; Oncogenic Signaling; Psilocybin Synthesis Read more
Jacobs, Helen (Prof. Emerita) Chemistry Natural products - structure & synthesis. Read more
James-Williamson, Sherene (Dr) Geography and Geology Read more
Job, Victor (Dr) Mathematics Read more
Kerr, Tanya (Dr) Physics Fire and material Science Read more
Kinlock, Robert (Dr) Geography and Geology Read more
Koon Koon , Randy (Dr) Physics Renewable energy; Resource Assessment; Computational simulations; Read more
Lawrence, Mark (Dr) Chemistry Read more
Lester, Shaneica (Dr) Geography and Geology Read more
Lorraine Lawrence, Shannen (Dr) Chemistry Read more


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