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Research Database

Title Department Research Areas Link
Dr. Donna Minott Kates Chemistry Jamaican foods; Nutrients & anti-nutrients; Toxicants/contaminants; Flavour profiles; Food functionality Read more
Dr. David Miller Geography and Geology Coastal, Fluvial and karst Geomorphology Read more
Dr. Kurt McLaren Life Sciences Tropical Forest Ecology, Remote Sensing and GIS, Ecological modelling, Disturbance Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation Read more
Mr. Raymond McEachin Mathematics Linear Algebra, Operatgor Theory, Mathematics Education Read more
Dr. Paul Maragh Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry; Chiral catalysis; Green chemistry; hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation; isomerization Read more
Dr. Gunjan Mansingh Computing Data Mining; Knowledge Management, Decision Support Systems Read more
Dr. Randy Koon Koon Physics Renewable energy; Resource Assessment; Computational simulations; Read more
Dr. Tanya Kerr Physics Fire and material Science Read more
Mr. Dean Jones Computing Natural Language Processing; Collective Intelligence; Crowdsourcing; Machine Learning; Big Data Read more
Ms. Yvette Johns Mathematics Predictive Analytics; Quantitative Finance; Health economics; Risk Management; Corporate Turnaround; General Insurance - Stochastic Reserving. Read more


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