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Research Database

Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Edwards, Thera (Dr) Geography and Geology Read more
Emanuel, Machel (Dr) Life Sciences Troical Horticulture Read more
Ferhat, Marhoun (Dr) Physics new materials for energy conversion (photovoltaics, thermoelectrics), hybrid heterostructures and topological materials for spintronics, thin film growth and characterizations, computational materials science Read more
Fokum, Daniel (Dr) Computing Computer Networks; Computer Science Education. Read more
Francis, Roxanne (Dr) Mathematics Read more
Gallimore, Winklet (Dr) Chemistry Marine natural products Read more
Gaynor, Paul (Dr) Computing Computer Vision; Video Analytics; Sensor Networks; Machine Learning Read more
Gordon-Smith, Debbie-Ann (Dr) Chemistry Groundwater-surface water interactions; water pollution; radioactive and stable isotope tracers, climate change effects Read more
Hall , Tannice (Dr) Life Sciences Taxonomy and ecology of aphids Read more
Harris, Louis-Ray (Dr) Physics Radio frequency (RF) propagation; Electromagnetic compatibility; Wireless devices and health; Satellite development; Telecommunications infrastructure resilience Read more


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