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Research Database

Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Luke, Denneko (Dr) Life Sciences Read more
Mandal, Arpita (Dr) Geography and Geology Water Resources, Hydrology and Flood risk. Impact of climate change Read more
Mansingh, Gunjan (Prof) Computing Data Mining; Knowledge Management, Decision Support Systems Read more
Maragh , Paul (Dr) Chemistry Organometallic Chemistry; Chiral catalysis; Green chemistry; hydrogenation and transfer hydrogenation; isomerization Read more
Marks, Joyann (Dr) Chemistry Read more
Miller, David (Dr) Geography and Geology Coastal, Fluvial and karst Geomorphology Read more
Miller, Sean (Dr) Computing Read more
Minott Kates, Donna (Dr) Chemistry Jamaican foods; Nutrients & anti-nutrients; Toxicants/contaminants; Flavour profiles; Food functionality Read more
Mitchell, Sylvia (Dr) Biotechnology Ethnobotany, in vitro biology & physiology, medicinal plant research, plant tissue culture Read more
Mitchell, Simon (Prof) Geography and Geology Geology, Paleontology, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, Resources Read more


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