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Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Porter, Roy (Dr) Chemistry natural products, Essential Oils, Biological activity. Read more
Rattray, Vaughn (Dr) Chemistry Read more
Reese, Paul (Prof. Emeritus) Chemistry Natural products; microbial transformation; organic synthesis; analytical chemistry Read more
Robinson, Dwight (Dr) Life Sciences Pest management, agro-ecology, pesticide management Read more
Robinson, Ralph (Prof. Emeritus) Life Sciences Parasitology Read more
Roye, Marcia (Prof) Biotechnology Molecular virology; Molecular biology; Genetic diversity Read more
Sadler-McKnight, Novelette (Dr) Chemistry Air quality assessment ; chemistry education; bioinorgnic chemistry Read more
Singh-Wilmot, Marvadeen (Dr) Chemistry Rare-Earth and Metal-Organic Framework Materials Read more
Stemann, Thomas (Dr) Geography and Geology Coral Reefs, Biodiversity, Paleoecology, Evolution, Taphonomy Read more
Stephenson, Nickeisha (Dr) Chemistry Radiochemistry, Organic synthesis, Fluorine chemistry, Solar energy, Chemical education Read more


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