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To graduate with an Electronics Major, the student must have done at Level I:

  • Semester 1
    • MATH1185*  Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
    • MATH1141*  Introduction to Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry
    • PHYS1411    Mechanics
    • PHYS1412    Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics
    • ECSE1109    Programming for Engineers 1 OR COMP1127 - Introduction to Computing II
  • ​Semester 2
    • ELET1500   Electrical Circuit Analysis and Devices OR ECSE1102 - Engineering Circuit Analysis and Devices
    • ELET1405   Practices in Basic Electronics
    • PHYS1421   Electricity and Magnetism
    • PHYS1422   Modern Physics

A major requires 36 Part II credits, which are in the table below. 

A minor requires 18 Part II credits, all of which are highlighted in the table below.

Core Courses
  Level II Level III

 Core for both Major and Minor

 ELET2405 - Practices in Electronics Designs 1


 ELET2530 - Digital Electronics and Systems

 ELET2450 - Embedded Systems

ELET2460 - Signals and Systems

 ELET2410 - Analysis and Designs of Analog Circuits   
 ELET2415 - Practices in Basic Electronics 2
Core for Major only  ECSE2209 - Control Systems Engineering  ELET 3405 - Practical Analysis of Advanced Electronic Circuits and Systems
ELET2570 - Microprocessors and Computer Architecture  ELET 3490 - Electronics Research Project
    ELNG3030 - Power Electronics and Protection Circuits


Additionally there are two streams that some electronics students choose to "specialise" in. These are Telecommunications and Robotics & Instrumentation.

The courses listed below are in addition to the core courses listed in the table above.

Please note that these are suggestions and are not meant to restrict your choice of courses or course combinations.


Level II

Level III


ELET 2450 - Embedded Systems
ELET 3450 - Satellite Communication and Navigational Systems
ELET 2460 - Signals and Systems
ELET 3460 - Digital Signal and Image Processing
ELET 2480 - Communication Systems
ELET 3470 - Wave Transmission and Fiber Optics
ELET 3480 - Wireless Communication Systems


Robotics and Instrumentation

ELET 2450 - Embedded Systems
ELET 3430 - Instrumentation and Measurements
ELET 2460 - Signals and Systems
ELET 3440 - Introduction to Robotics
ELET 2480 - Communication Systems
ELET 3480 - Wireless Communication Systems


If pursuing a double major, a single advanced level course CANNOT count towards 2 majors. Therefore, due to overlapping core courses, a double major within the department MUST have Electronics as one of the majors. 

Note well, ELET2420 is a core course for almost all non-electronics major, so it cannot be counted towards the Electronics major as a free elective.

The Mathematics courses listed are those required to complete Physics majors. For more information on Mathematics courses, please contact the Department on Mathematics. Students pursuing both MATH1142 and MATH1151 otherwise do not need to do MATH1185.

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