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Honours and Awards

Undergraduate Awards

Level I Physics Prizes

John Lodenquai Physics Prize for Introductory PhysicsThe John Lodenquai Prize has been established by the family of the late Prof. John Lodenquai, a former Professor in Astro-Physics and a graduate of the University of the West Indies. It is to be presented to the student with the best performance in Level I Physics.

Level II Physics Prizes

Michael Tharmanahthan Memorial BursaryDr. Ponnambalam, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics, made a donation to the Department of Physics in memory of his late father, Michael Tharmanahthan, to provide bursaries for students reading Physics at the Mona Campus. The Bursary is intended to ensure that financial need does not stand in the way of academic achievement. 

Level II Departmental PrizeThe Department has been awarding prizes for many years to students who do well in the "200" level examinations. The purpose is to reward and encourage, and so only those students who go on to "300" level Physics qualify. It is possible, in any case, that no prize is awarded if no student gains a good enough grade, B+ and better. The two (2) students with the highest marks are awarded prizes. 

Francis Bowen Memorial Bursary - The Francis Bowen Memorial Bursary was established in memory of the late Francis Bowen who was the first Head of the Department of Physics. The award is restricted to students in the Faculty of Science and Technology, Mona Campus, who are committed to the study of Physics on the basis of performance in the P200 Level examinations. 

The Physics Honours Society

This is a prestiguous community within the Department of Physics which you can join based on semester by semester performance in Physics courses. The Physics Honours Society was created as a way to encourage Physics students to aim higher and achieve more. The society's main goal is for its members to graduate with honours (first class or upper second).


The Physics Honours Society is open to Advanced Level students majoring in Physics. New advanced level students are selected based on their Level I grades in Physics (B+ or better). Returning students are selected based on their performance in completed advanced level courses . Membership is revised every semester, is based on academic performance, and can be revoked if Physics grades fall below a B average.


  1. Recognition within the Department
  2. Personal physics mentor
  3. Invitation to attend weekly colloquium
  4. Participation in Research Groups (final year students only)
  5. Four weeks summer employment with a research group in the department (after 2 successive semester in PHS)
  6. Monthly breakfast seminar      

Dean's Honour Roll

The Dean's List recognizes undergraduate students for their outstanding academic performance in each of the regular semesters during each academic year; that is during Semester 1 and Semester 2 but not the Summer Semester (Semester 3) or Summer School.


  1. Students must have earned a GPA of 3.6 and above for the applicable semester with no course grade below B+. Performance during the Summer Semester (Semester 3) or Summer School is not considered.

Students are awarded at the annual Faculty of Sciene and Technology award ceremony. The awards are as follows:

  1. Commendations for Semester I/II - This is awarded for making the Dean's list for 1 semester.
  2. Dean's Honour roll - This is awarded for making the Dean's list for both semesters in an academic year.


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