The Department has grown tremendously in its years at the University from having a single storey section which housed the laboratories and workshops to now having a wide range of buildings at the disposal of the students. These facilities include:

  • The Preliminary Students Laboratory
  • The Introductory Physics Laboratory
  • The Second year Electronics Laboratory
  • The Third year Electronics Laboratory
  • The Virtual Laboratory
  • The Materials Science Laboratory
  • The Optics Laboratory
  • Solar Laboratory - The Roof
  • Neutron Physics Laboratory


The Preliminary Students Laboratory

This lab is for preliminary students and consists of equipment for basic physics or electronics experiments.


The Introductory Physics Laboratory

As the name states, this lab is for introductory or Level I students. The lab was recently furnished with a set of "LabPro" equipments which are used for electronics experiments. LabPro's are useful for setting up circuits quickly and efficiently.


The Second-year Electronics Laboratory


This facility is open to all electronics students; however, scheduled 4-hr time slots are allotted to second year courses. Each course has a minimum four (4) to a maximum twelve (12) lab practicals to be completed by the end of each semester. It is equipped with oscilloscopes, function generators, various capacitors, resistors, diodes, bread-boards among many other types of equipment needed for these experiments.


The Third-year Electronics Laboratory


This is similar to the second-year electronics lab facility, however, has no scheduled lab times allotted to students for their lab practicals. Instead, it is open for several hours during the day to accommodate final year students and their busy schedules.




The Virtual Laboratory

The Virtual lab is a computer lab primarily created for simulation experiments. Lectures, tutorials and presentations are often held here as well and, on occasion, students are allowed to use the facility to their leisure. This is the most recent addition to the department and proves to be a very productive one.

The Physics Department has a large local area network running Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, SuSe, Red Hat and Sun Solaris. It has several PC's, along with two Fujitsu ICL multiprocessing NT servers and a number of Sun Solaris Servers and IBM data storage servers and workstations dedicated to both research and undergraduate programmes.


The Materials Science Laboratory

The Materials Science lab caters for Materials Science majors, or students taking materials science courses as electives. This resource consists of a ceramic furnace, a hot-bake oven, a wide range of chemicals, and a tensometer among other equipments.


The Optics Laboratory

This lab is primarily for optics experiments. It is equipped with microscopes and other such instruments. It also has a fully functional solar system that students use to assist them with them alternative energy labs.


Solar Laoratory - "The Roof"

The roof consists of solar panels and a wind turbine for alternative energy research, Ham radio equipment inclusive of two Yaggi antennas, as well as, an observatory which is currently under construction.