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The Introductory Physics Laboratory

Lab equipment Students in lab Students working with lab equipment

As the name states, this lab is for introductory or Level I students. The lab was recently furnished with a set of "LabPro" equipments which are used for electronics experiments. LabPro's are useful for setting up circuits quickly and efficiently.

Lab Schedule

The Preliminary Students Laboratory

Lab technician working with students Lab equipment Student studying in lab

This lab is for preliminary students and consists of equipment for basic physics or electronics experiments.

Lab Schedule

The Second-year Electronics Laboratory

This facility is open to all electronics students; however, scheduled 4-hr time slots are allotted to second year courses. Each course has a minimum four (4) to a maximum twelve (12) lab practicals to be completed by the end of each semester. It is equipped with oscilloscopes, function generators, various capacitors, resistors, diodes, bread-boards among many other types of equipment needed for these experiments.

Lab Schedule
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