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The GPS/GALILEO Research Group(GGRG) research group was started in the Department of Physics in 1999. The Group started out as the GPS Reasearch Group but has changed its name to the present because it is now incorporating the Galileo System in its research.

The group's main activites include developing tracking and navigational system around the Global Positioning System(GPS) and Galileo System. Projects include the investigation of alternatives in an effort to provide better accuracy and more cost effective services The group also offers consultation and cooperation in the field of GPS, GSM, RF and low orbit systems. Specifically:

  • GPS Time Dissemination
  • GPS/Galileo Data Acquisition Systems
  • Wireless Remote Sensing and Transmission of Data using
    • RF Systems
    • GSM Systems(SMS and/or GPRS Data Services)
    • Low Orbit Satelite Systems
  • Development of MicroElectronics
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