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Master of Science - Advanced Electronic Systems

Broad objectives of Programme

The major goal of the programme is to produce graduates who are universally accepted as being able to provide appropriate solutions to digital technology related problems, being experienced by organizations operating within Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Potential users of the expertise of the graduates must be totally assured of the following:

1. Graduates will possess high levels of intellectual capabilities, resulting in their being sufficiently flexible to creatively and successfully tackle the most unusual and challenging problems, in addition to normal routine situations

2. The curriculum will cover the core principles in sufficient detail and rigor to ensure that graduates are able to independently research advanced and / or new topics in digital technology to achieve scholastic or engineering goals.

3. Manage the acquisition and implementation of integrated systems which use digital technology.

4. The curriculum covers commercially significant applications of digital technology, which are commonly encountered in the Caribbean Region to the extent that graduates are able to:

          i) Analyze performance requirements and specify the technical
             characteristics and features of components and systems
             necessary to meet given performance objectives.

         ii) Evaluate technical proposals for systems employing digital
            technology and recommend appropriate choices & actions.  

The programme will be offered on a part time basis and will last for two years.

Link to M.Sc in Digital Technology Brochure

Contact Information:

Office of Graduate Studies and Research The Department of Physics


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