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Seven students awarded Physics Postgraduate Research Degrees in 2020

The Department of Physics celebrates seven research students who were recognized at the Presentation of Graduates Ceremony held January 14, 2021.  They are: Stefan Watson - MPhil (Applied Physics), Alton P. Daley - MPhil (Applied Physics);  L. Nathan Henderson - MPhil (Physics);  Andrew B. Johnson - MPhil (Applied Physics);  ; Zachary E. S. Williams - MPhil (Applied Physics); Martlan O. Wilson - MPhil (Physics) and  Roxann K. Stennett-Brown - PhD (Physics).  Their theses addressed issues in renewable energy, general physics and climate change,  The Department celebrates their hard work and outstanding achievement. Please see the title of their theses below:

Name of Student MPhil/PhD Thesis Title
Stefan Watson MPhil Acoustics and recognition studies of child produced Jamaican English
Alton P. Daley MPhil

A Contribution to Jamaica's Wave Energy Potential Assessment: Data Analysis and Simulation

Leaford N. Henderson MPhil Investigating the effect of Rare - Earth photoanode doping on Dye - Sensitized Solar Cell (DSSC) Performance
Roxann Stennett-Brown PhD Statistical Downscaling of rainfall and temperature for the Caribbean:  Projections and Implications
Andrew B. Johnson MPhil Wind Resource Map of Jamaica: A Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modelling of Jamaica's Wind Resources
Zachary E. S. Williams MPhil Renewable energy for desalination process: Efficiency and environmental impacts in a tropical island using digital tools
Marltan O. Wilson MPhil Analysis and Numerical Optimization of Red Mud doped Bismuth Borate Glass properties with potential outer space radiation shielding Applications


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