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Doctor of Philosophy - Physics

Graduate Degrees, Rules and Regulations


Applicants for admission to the PhD who do not hold a Master's Degree are normally required to register for the MPhil in the first instance. Applicants may have their registration transferred to the PhD after one year on providing evidence to the Board of their ability to undertake independent research.

Applicants for direct admission to the PhD programme, are required to submit in writing to the Department, a detailed proposal of the research they wish to undertake, within six weeks of notification by the Registrar. Applicants who write satisfactory proposals may be admitted as candidates for the PhD.

Students holding degrees from foreign universities will be required to submit details of their undergraduate and/or graduate studies and research. In the case of students holding MSc.s by course work, proof of research ability will be a normal requirement for direct admission to the PhD programme.

Candidates for the PhD are required to pass a departmental examination, which may be of the open-book type, consisting of two (2) papers on Classical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Elementary Particles, Cosmology, Electromagnetic Theory, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. Cosmology may be replaced by an appropriate equivalent course. The papers may be taken one per year or both in the same year. Candidates will be allowed to resit any failed paper. Candidates with at least second class honors in Special Physics will be exempted from this examination.

Projects and review committees as for MPhil, but candidates are expected to undertake much more involved research with less direction.

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