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Physics with Education


Twenty-four (24) credits from two subject areas in the Faculty of Science and technology, divided equally between the two so as to provide the Pre-requisites for Level 2 courses (Note that MATH1141 & MATH1185 must be completed prior to pursing Level 3 Physics Department courses). One of the subject areas must be Physics (required courses are PHYS1411, PHYS1412, PHYS1421, PHYS1422 and ELET1400). Foundations of Education courses (see A below) may also be taken with Level 1 courses from the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Trained Teachers with the New Double Option (since 2004) with Physics as one of their majors and who have a GPA of at least 2.9 may be granted exemption from Level 1 requirements.

Trained Teachers with Single Option science are required to do Preliminary Physics.

Thirty-six (36) credits are required from Levels 2 and 3 Physics courses such that constitute the General Physics major.


Please consult the Faculty of Humanities & Education regarding the selection of Education Courses. 


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