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Dr. Leonardo Clarke

Dr. Leonardo Clarke
Lecturer; Graduate Coordinator - Research Students
Area of Specialization: 
Climate Variability; Real-Time Environmental Monitoring

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Professional Activities

  1. Participant in Caribbean Climate Modelers Meetings. Peru 2013, Dominican Republic 2014, Jamaica 2016.
  2. Participated in Workshops on Climate Change, Variability and Modeling over Central America and Mexico. Mexico 2014, Costa Rica 2016.
  3. Participated in the WCRP VAMOS/CORDEX Workshops on Latin-America and Caribbean CORDEX LAC. Peru 2013, Dominican Republic 2014.

Current Projects

  1. The Caribbean 1.5 Project
  2. Waste Water Monitoring Project

A Few Articles

  1. A. Mandal, T. Stephenson, J. Campbell, M. Taylor, S. Watson, L. Clarke, D. Smith, J. Darshan and M. Wilson (2021): An assessment of the impact of 1.5 vs 2 and 2.5 °C global temperature increase on flooding in Jamaica: A case study from the Hope Watershed. Accepted Philosophical Transactions A.
  2. Clarke, L. A., M. A. Taylor, A. Centella-Artola, M. St. M. Williams, J. D. Campbell, A. Bezanilla-Morlot, T. S. Stephenson (2020): The Caribbean and 1.5°C: Is SRM an option? Atmosphere. doi: 10.3390/atmos12030367  IF 2.397
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