Exemption Without Credit

Where a student has completed a course equivalent to a required course, Exemption Only eliminates the need to register for that course.  However, no credit will be given for that course.  Thus, to gain credits, another course, usually at the same level or above must be done.

Student must have sat and passed an equivalent course at another institution including the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) and the General Certificate of Education (GCE).  The relevant supporting documents may include college transcripts and course outlines. Students may be required to submit or upload supporting documents such as college transcripts and course Outline(s) from previous college for the equivalent course already passed, if these documents are not on your UWI record.

  1. Access the Student Administration System (SAS)
  2. Click on 'Enter Secure Area'
  3. Enter your identification number and password to log in
  4. From the 'Main Menu' select 'Student Services'
  5. Click on 'Automated Student Request System'
  6. Select Request Type followed by 'Exemption Only'
  7. Select appropriate academic year and semester
  8. Locate and select course(s) to be exempted  by conducting a Class Search
  9. Upload transcript and course outline from prior college if not previously submitted
  10. Select Submit

Exemption without Credit Flow Chart

The Faculty Office makes a decision within 10 business days of the request after which the record is updated by the Registry Information System within a similar timeline.

Exemption without Credit Processing Steps