Waiver of Requirement to Withdraw

Waiver of Requirements to Withdraw permits a student to continue in a programme despite having performed unsatisfactorily and having received a letter requiring him/her to withdraw from his/her programme of study.

Applications for waiver of the requirement to withdraw will be considered on its own merit and will only succeed if the Faculty is satisfied that the circumstances attending the reasons for the withdrawal have altered substantially.

The deadline for waiver applications is on or before the end of the first week of teaching in September (Semester 1), January (Semeser 2) and June (Summer).

To learn more, click to view FSS Requirement to Withdraw Regulations.

  1. Access the Student Administration System (SAS)
  2. Click on "Enter Secure Area"
  3. Enter your identification number
  4. Enter password to log in
  5. From "Main Menu", select "Student Services"
  6. Click on "Automated Student Request System"
  7. Select Request Type
  8. Select Waiver of Requirement to Withdraw
  9. Enter semester, reason(s) for underperformance and where applicable, upload the relevant supporting documents. You are also expected to indicate whether the situaton leading to your unsatisfactory performance has changed.
  10. Click "Submit"

Waiver of Requirement to Withdraw

The Department is the final decision level for this request type.