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Alternative Energy


Solar Energy Studies/Photovoltaic Studies

The primary focus of the Solid State Electronics Research Laboratory, is the development and utilization of alternate energy sources through photovoltaic cells. In this regard, a program is being established to characterize commercially available silicon-based photovoltaic modules. In particular a comparative analysis of the photo-conversion efficiency of commercially available silicon-based photovoltaic modules to establish a correlation between published data on small-area laboratory cell efficiency and the actual large-sized module efficiency. In addition we will gather data to determine whether a sun-tracking system, which ensures that the solar panels are always pointed at the sun to give maximum solar irradiance, has sufficient benefits to outweigh its initial capital and maintenance costs and the thermodynamic effects that degrade the effective life of the solar panels. This effort will be partially supported by The Mona Institute of Applied Sciences. The Mona Institute of Applied Sciences (MIAS) has been funded by the Canadian High Commission (CHC) through a Green Fund Project to carry out a feasibility study for the design, development, installation and utilization of large scale photovoltaic energy in the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.

Energy Studies/Wind Energy

The Department has been involved in a project with the assistance of the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica to assess the wind generated electricity at Munro, St. Elizabeth. The first phase of the project has been completed and plans are underway to investigate the feasibility of developing Wind Farms in some areas. Projects to estimate the solar and wind energy resources of Jamaica have also been completed.


Current Heads

Dr. A.M.D Amarakoon

Dr. Jean-Francois Dorville




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