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Members of the Renewable Energy Group

Dr. Randy Koon Koon Senior Researcher Computational modelling and simulation of renewable energy systems; resource assessment; geothermal, wind, solar and hydropower potential; energy economics.
Dr. Tanya Kerr Researcher Materials characterization and application in Renewable energy
Mr Dudley Williams PhD Candidate Designing a low-cost cooling device that uses the principles of radiative cooling and phase change material.
Mrs. Khatiza Mohammed-Koon Koon MPhil. Student Resource assessment; wind, solar, hydropower
Ms. Santana Lewis MPhil. Student Geothermal ground source cooling systems - Application and implementation within the hotel chains of Jamaica
Mr. Craig Rattray MPhil Student Development and characterization of a simple image-based sun position tracker system for solar photovoltaic application
Mr. Sheldon Marshall MSc. Student Community Power - implementation and impacts in a Caribbean context.
Mr. Matthew Williams MPhil Student Assessing the effect of a solar geoengineered world on current and  future hybrid renewable energy systems installed in the Caribbean


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