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Renewable Energy Management MSc


The energy sector is the most critical sector for all the islands of the Caribbean region and in most cases represents a major source of economic vulnerability. All other forms of economic activity hinge upon having a reliable and cost effective energy supply. Improvements are required in the capacity of the human resource to properly manage the more efficient use of energy, and facilitate the uptake rate of renewable energy technologies. The technical expertise in the implementation of renewable energy technologies and networking into the existing energy framework is required in order to make the essential transition to utilizing a more distributed indigenous renewable energy resource. There is consequently a great current demand in the market, for executives and
other professionals with specialization in the area of sustainable energy systems. A multidisciplinary knowledge of energy sources, distribution technologies and efficient use in buildings and industrial processes, together with social issues and environmental impacts, is an essential tool for project management in this area.

Programme Objectives

This programme is intended to meet the needs of a broad range of professionals whose activities are related to energy affairs and sustainable development. The programme will target natural scientists, engineers and technical-related professionals, as well as those from the social sciences such as administrators, policy makers or lawyers. This programme is an existing programme, consisting of existing courses, which are currently being offered at the Cave Hill campus. This programme is being offered at Mona for the first time. It has been developed in tandem with
another master’s course, an MSc in Renewable Energy Technology which is currently being offered at the St. Augustine Campus and is being proposed to be hosted at Mona. Some of the courses are common to both masters’ programmes.

Duration of Programme


  •  18 months (full time)
  •  36 months (part time)


All students must take 29 credits of Core courses, 9 core elective credits (all 3-credit courses with the exception of the seminar course which is 2 credits) and a 9-credit Final Research Project – totalling 47 credits.

Optional Preliminary Study

Occasionally, the Mona Campus offers an Alternative Energy Certificate Course during the summer which may be used to fulfil the Prerequisite standard for students who do not have a background in Renewable Energy.

Course Code Course Title Credits
MDPH6330 Graduate Seminar 2
RNEM6010 Energy Economics 3
RNEM6015 Energy Sources and Clean Energy Systems 3
RNEM6020 Energy Use and Auditing 3
RNEM6025 Shaping Sustainable Energy Systems 3
RNEM6030 Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) and Public Policy 3
ENVR6403 Environmental Impact Assessment 3
MGMT6139 Leadership and Organizational Behaviour 3
ACCT6017 Quantitative Methods for Management 3
PTMT6007 Essentials of Management for Project Managers 3
ACCT6010 Accounting for Management Decision Making 3
RNEM6055 Solar Energy Conversion 3
RNEM6035 Applied Informatics in Energy Planning 3
RNEM6040 Physics for Renewable Energy 3
RNEM6045 Wind Energy I 3
RNEM6050 Bioenergy I 3
PTMT6002 Information Management for Projects 3
RNEM6060 Renewable Energy Research Project 9























Fees (2022/23)

Full-Time/Part-Time -> J$1,444,200 (first attempted 47 credits)
Per credit                  -> J$30,727
Exam Only/Resit       -> J$15,360

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