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Trinidad and Tobago

The Impact of Crime on Tourist Arrivals— A Comparative Analysis of Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago


Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries globally, and it is a
primary contributor to the economies of most Caribbean countries. The
tourism industry directly raises employment and income levels, and is one
of the most important industries for fostering growth. Within the last few
decades, it has become very clear that both Jamaica and Trinidad and
Tobago must continue to diversify, particularly in the tourism sector, if
they are to sustain growth. However, despite their tourism potential, both

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Unveiling Child Sexual Abuse through Participatory Action Research


There have been few studies of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Many of them

are based on young adult recall and are generally approached from a bio

psychosocial perspective. This has resulted in children’s participation (CP)

in CSA prevention initiatives being left largely unexplored. To explore the

viability of CP within these initiatives this study adopted a unique and

holistic participatory action research approach with children in South

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Non-State Actors' Engagement and State-Led Poverty Management: The Case of the Public Assistance Grant in Trinidad and Tobago


The Public Assistance Grant (PAG) is an unconditional cash
transfer existing for over 70 years in Trinidad and Tobago. Non-state actors
(NSAs) provide insights about their engagements with the poor, some of whom
are beneficiaries of the PAG. The aim of this article is to elevate efficiency
standards in the delivery of the PAG through understanding the differences between
the practices administered through the PAG and those that reflect the everyday
experiences of the poor who are in need of welfare services based on the insights from

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Findings from a Study on Poverty in Trinidad and Tobago Using the Latest Class Analysis Model

Long-Run Relationship among Energy Exports, Manufacturing Exports, and GDP Per Capita in Resource-Rich SIDS: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago

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