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Frequently Asked Questions

The Estate Managament Department (EMD) is located at 4 Nassau Road.  It is the next left turn from Geography and Geology.

The opening of classrooms is the responsibility of the custodians.  If the keys fail to work, please call Customer Services (2010-3) so that locksmith services may be arranged.

No.  The battery could, however, be taken to the department to be charged.

Yes.  Call Customer Services and make scheduling arrangements.  Please note that a charge is attached to this service.

The Estate Management Department works with faculty members, staff and students to support the educational processes at the University of the West Indies

General cleaning is not a routine activity.  You will therefore have to log a request with Customer Services.  Sanitation Services will then contact you to have this scheduled.

Contact Customer Services or log a request on the Report a Fault Form (on this website) and Sanitation Services will schedule a time that is convenient to you to have your area treated.

The department washes and services only the official vehicles.

No.  The water truck is used to deliver water campus-wide.  However, the university has an arrangement with the neighbouring communities that fall within its township.  During, water crises, the truck is used to fill tanks at the turnstyle at Hermitage as well as the one at the August Town gate.  Additionally, water is taken to the Golden Age Home and the schools.

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