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Mission of the Estate Management Department

The Estate Management Department (EMD) is entrusted with the responsibility for the physical instructional facilities and all the infrastructure of the UWI, Mona- including the Western Jamaica Campus (WJC). The department's mission is "to deliver to the University of the West Indies and all its outreach centres, technical and managerial support to facilitate healthy, safe and aesthetically pleasing and fully functional environment through a competent and professional team committed to customer service, innovation and excellence." This mission is realised through the complement of appoximately two hundred and fifty persons - staff members as well as large and small contractors. 

Structure of the Department

The Department is divided into five functional areas called repair centres:

  • Housing and Accommodation has responsibility for staff houses and the rental and maintenance of public buildings as well as the Lyssons Beach (a private beach located in St. Thomas and owned by the University).
  • Building Services with responsibility for painting, plumbing, joinery and general building repairs
  • Electrical Services with responsibility for maintenance of the electrical infrastructure and air condition and refrigeration
  • Sanitation and Grounds with the responsibility of the public health portfolio, as well as maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the campus
  • Transport Services with responsibility for the provision and maintenance of large vehicles and executive staff vehicles and equipment.


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