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Staff (Managers/Supervisors)

Estate Manager's Office  

Smith, Devon (Dr)

Estate Manager

Harty, Christopher

Deputy Estate Manager, Technical

Carroll, Rudolph

Environmental & Utilities Officer

Taylor, Shana-kay

Senior Administrative Assistant 1

Hinkson, Keith

Records Officer


Ellis-Lettman, Audrey

Deputy Estate Manager, Housing/Accommodation

Wright, Christopher

Accommodations Officer

Allen-Johnson, Ingrid

Accommodations Officer

Electrical Services 

Lawrence, Bernard

Superintendent of Works, Electrical

Ennis, Devon

Deputy Superintendent of Works, Electrical

Morrison, Elvis

Supervisor, Electrical

Campbell, Allan

Supervisor, Electrical

Sanitation & Grounds  

Morgan, Oswald

Superintendent of Works, S&G

Danvers, Sherika

Asst. Superintendent of Works, S&G

Coke, Leighton

Senior Supervisor, Grounds

Foster, Karel

Supervisor, Sanitation

Building Services 

Beharie, Carlyle

Superintendent of Works, Building Services 

Davis, Claude

Senior Supervisor, Building

Samuels, Dennis

Supervisor, Building

Simms, Kirk

Supervisor,  Painting

Rush, Roosevelt

Supervisor, General Building

Hamilton, Desmond

Supervisor, Joinery

McDonald, Artnell

Supervisor, Building

Myles, Garfield

Supervisor, Plumbing

Graham, Audley

Asst. Supervisor, Plumbing

Hinds, Wayne

Supervisor, Draughtsman 

Central Control Office 

Murray, Sophia

Manager, Administration and Finance (Acting)

Welsh, Andrew

Departmental Storekeeper

Telephone Exchange 

Lawrence-Brock, Andrea

Chief Telephone Operator


Valentine, Kashieme


Work Control Centre / Computerized TMA / Customer Service 

Leslie, Jean


Bogle, Jelani

Business Process Supervisor

Brooks, Shane

Events Supervisor

Simmonds, Seoma

Supervisor, Customer Service

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