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Public Spaces

The University from time to time allows for the use of its public and recreational spaces by entities within and off-campus.  This is done on a rent for use basis.  Below is a list of some such spaces.  Please click on each link for additional information:

  • The Mona Bowl to include: the field, pool and courts
  • The Old Library
  • The Old Dramatic Theatre
  • The Assembly Hall
  • The Undercroft
  • Lyssons Beach



Contact should first be made with the Housing/Accommodation Office to ascertain the hall’s availability on the requested date, after which provisional booking is made.The requester then formally writes the Campus Registrar requesting the use of the building.This letter should specify the event’s date and time, purpose and items needed for the event. If approval is granted, a letter is sent to the requester and copied to the Housing Office, the Sanitation & Grounds and Electrical Sections and Campus Security.

The Accommodation Officer prepares the Invoice which includes: rental of the building, support services, caretaker’s charges, chairs, tables, podium, lighting etc. Before the building is rented, payment must be made at the Bursary Cashier. Presentation of the receipt to the Housing Office triggers the preparation process which is dependent on the information provided by the client. The Accommodation Officer works with the above sections to prepare the building and sees to the delivery of items requested. After the function, arrangements are made for the removal of the equipment and furniture.

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