Hurricanes have shown our campus their devastating power and the costly destruction they can deliver. With NOAA predicting an above-average 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, the Estate Management Department wishes to ask for your assistance in observing (3) three major steps in making our facilities and assets Hurricane-Strong.

This week May 29th - June 2nd will begin with Preparedness.

For students who reside on hall, especially non-Jamaican residents, your Student Services & Development Manager will indicate whether it is advised that you attempt to stay with friends or family near campus in a safe dwelling. In the event that this is not possible for the student, he or she may be relocated accordingly.

Note that the Assembly hall is the campus' shelter for residential students.

Please revisit our website next week as we deliver step (2) two in getting our campus #UWIHurricaneReady

Contact EMD Customer Service Extension 2010 - 3 for any hurricane preparation related activities you wish to initiate with the Estate Management Department