UWI Upgrades Its Waste Water Treatment Plant

Rehabilitation and Upgrade of the UWI, Wastewater Treatment Plant


The University of the West Indies, Mona campus has owned and operated its wastewater treatment plant (the Plant) in Hermitage for over 56 years. Since the Plant’s establishment it has undergone various refurbishing projects to keep it functioning at a satisfactory level through the campus’ expansions. It is therefore no surprise that as a component of the University’s current expansion, further works will be done to the Plant to ensure that it will function at an effective level during imminent increased flows. Below is a synopsis of works to be done on the plant and the prospects for the rehabilitated plant to be integrated into the UWI’s curriculum. 

Upgrade and Rehabilitation works

Phase I

The University’s treatment plant is being upgraded to fully comply with the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) standards for such facilities.  Due to this, the university has commissioned major upgrade and rehabilitation works for specific plant components.   These works will be focused on the Plant’s preliminary, primary and secondary treatment components to obtain improvements in the treatment of suspended solids, organic matter and harmful bacteria.  These works will increase the capacity of the plant to treat sewage.


Phase II

Following the rehabilitation and upgrade of the secondary treatment plant, works will be done at its tertiary component to improve the removal of nutrients from treated effluent.  The recycled water will be used for irrigation purposes.


Wastewater Treatment Plant and the University’s Curriculum

The upgraded treatment plant will be a state of the art system which uses only mechanical and biological methods to treat sewage. The Plant will provide tremendous opportunities for research and development. Scientific information for research will be captured through the integration of the plant’s operations into the University’s curriculum by its Faculties of Science and Technology and Medical Sciences. By doing this the University will promote sustained operational efficiency at the Plant as it serves the University community for years to come. 


The University of the West Indies, Mona is committed to maintaining a healthy environment both within and outside the campus community.   The University is therefore improving its infrastructure in order to lessen its impact on the environment as it sets an example for other institutions to follow.