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Level 2 Courses

Course Code Title
PHYS2396 Computer Applications in Physics
ELET2405 Practices in Electronics Designs 1
ELET2415 Practices in Basic Electronics 2
ELET2460 Signals and Systems
ELET2470 Electric Circuit Analysis
ELET2480 Communication Systems
ELET2410 Analysis and Designs of Analog Circuits
ELET2430 Digital Circuits and Microprocessors
ELET2450 Embedded Systems
ELET2420 Semiconductor Devices
PHYS2561 Fundamentals of Materials Science
PHYS2671 Fluid Dynamics
PHYS2296 Physics of the Human Body
PHYS2200 Practices in Medical Physics 1
PHYS2386 Electromagnetism and Optics
PHYS2351 Quantum Mechanics and Nuclear Physics
PHYS2300 General Physics Lab 1
PHYS2600 Fluid Dynamics and Environmental Physics Laboratory
PHYS2500 Materials Science Laboratory 1
ELET2210 Speech Processing
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