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Level 3 Courses

Course Code Title
PHYS3351 Modern Physics 2
PHYS3386 Electromagnetism
PHYS3395 Astronomy and Cosmology
PHYS3399 Research Project (Non-Electronics)
ELET3460 Digital Signal and Image Processing
ELET3470 Wave Transmission and Fiber Optics
ELET3430 Instrumentation and Measurements
ELET3490 Electronics Research Project
ELET3440 Introduction to Robotics
PHYS3661 Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate
PHYS3671 Solar Power
PHYS3681 Wind and Hydro Power
ELET3611 Integrating Alternative Energy
PHYS3341 Biomedical Optics and Biomechanics
PHYS3389 Medical Radiation Physics and Imaging
ELET3480 Wireless Communication Systems
ELNG3030 Power Electronics and Protection Circuits
ELNG3040 Industrial Automation
ELNG3060 Power Plant Instrumentation
ELNG3050 Wireless Broadband Networks
ELET3405 Practical Analysis of Advanced Electronic Circuits and Systems
ELET3600 Energy Systems Laboratory
PHYS3500 Advanced Materials Science Laboratory
PHYS3562 The Physics of Non-Crystalline and Amorphous Materials
PHYS3565 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
PHYS3300 Advanced Practices in Medical Physics
ELET3450 Satellite Communication and Navigational Systems
PHYS3400 Physics in Practice Internship
PHYS3701 Advanced Renewable Energy Technology and Solutions
ELET3211 Speech and Language Technology
PHYS3200 General Physics Lab 2
PHYS3561 The Physics of Crystalline Materials
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