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The Alternative Energy Group (AEG) was launched in 2007. The initial name was Alternative Energy Club.

The club was a spin-off from the major in Alternative Energy. The major in AE was launched in 2006. The number of students enrolled in 2006 was eight (8). The AE major being more of an applied nature, the group of students felt, and were eager, to form an Association. They wanted to examine the principles learnt in the class in actual practice through simple projects, bring down speakers in energy from the expertise existed in the campus and outside, and have discussions on developments in energy and technology. The student group received the blessings and the wholehearted support of the academic circle, especially from Professor Emeritus Anthony Chen who spearheaded the AE program. The first President of the club was NEIKA who had the vision and the ability to manage the activities of the club including the members. The club entertained members from other disciplines as well. One feature at the initial stages was, all the members were UGS. The club had close associations with the Department Electronics club as well. Because of the entity was going to be a non-income generating one and also to meet the bank requirements, the Association had to be named as a Club.

The first project the group launched was fabrication of domestic Solar Cookers using inexpensive materials and simple techniques. This was very successful. Since then the club moved uphill, though not at the pace the members desired. The projects such as biogas generation on small scale using wastes, mini stations for mobile phone and laptop charging were attempted. The committee changed every year as the previous committee members graduated and ended up in greener pastures.

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