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Secure Your Future in 5 Simple Steps

Your career begins today and we are here to help you make the best decisions for your unique career path.  Guided by the O'Banion (1972) Academic Advising Model, this 5-step process is designed to provide you with the fullest support and guidance in selecting your courses so that you’re fully equipped to complete your programme of choice.

5 Simple Steps

Step 1. Exploration of life goals - helping students to reach their maximum potential

  1. Focus question: “How do I want to live my life?”
    1. Students should explore this question to decide on how to use his/her skills and interests in a vocation.

Step 2. Exploration of vocational goals

  1. What a person is and wants to be (life goals), determines what he does (vocational goals) 
  2. Knowledge of vocational fields and the skills that they will need
  3. The changing nature of work in society
  4. Acceptance of all fields of work as worthy and dignified
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Step 3. Programme choice

  1. Knowledge of department and available resources
  2. Knowledge of programmes and programme requirements, including credit exemptions.
  3. Knowledge of how others have performed in the programme and who have completed the programme. 
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Step 4. Course choice

  1. Knowledge of courses and course availability including co-curricular and cross-Faculty courses.
  2. Special information regarding courses - prerequisites, co-requisites and anti-requisites offered only in certain times, transferability.
  3. Does the course meet programme requirements?
  4. Rules and regulations regarding academic warning, requirement to withdraw, credit limit, limit on course load (academic and work limitations)
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Step 5. Registration and Scheduling courses

  1. Knowledge on how to access the online student portal
  2. Course selection and overrides
  3. Fee information and available financial aid and support
  4. Knowledge of systems of scheduling
  5. Knowledge of work and commuting requirements.

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