• Students must register for courses at the beginning of each academic year or lose their status as students at the University.
  • Registration for a course constitutes registration for the examinations in that course.
  • A student is not deemed to be fully registered for a course unless his/her financial obligations to the University have been fulfilled.
  • Deadlines for changes of registration including withdrawal from or addition of courses will be as prescribed in University Regulations.
  • A student may, with permission from the Head of Department, change Major, Minor or Special within the Faculty.
  • All optional courses (electives) listed in the various degree programmes in the Faculty Handbook will not necessarily be available in any one year.
  • Course Registration Requests/Enquiries

 (a)  The Faculty office is responsible for the processing of requests for:

         -  additional courses

                 -  late adjustment to registration

                 -  exemption

(b)  Department offices are responsible for all other indications of registration non-approval such as:

          -  pre-requisites not satisfied

          -  quota limit reached

                  -  special approval for entry

                  -  change of stream in large courses

                  -  change of Major, Minor, Special requests