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Services Provided by the Department

Academic Advising

  • Academic Advising is the process by which students interact with an advisor or representative of their department with the goal of obtaining accurate and detailed information about their academic progress and degree requirements.
  • Click here to view the simple steps to Academic Advising and other related resources.

Credit Check

  • A Credit Check reveals the number of courses completed, and the courses and credits needed to complete programme requirements.  
  • Students are encouraged to request a credit check from their department or the Faculty Office at the start of their final year, that is, after they have accumulated between 70-80 credits.
  • Student may conduct their own credit check by using either the degree checklist or comparing their unofficial transcript with their programme requirements as outlined in the Faculty Handbook that corresponds with their year of entry to the programme.

Change of Programme

  • A Change of Programme refers to the addition of a major or minor(s) or the switching of one programme category to another.
  • Students who wish to change their major or to add a minor(s) should do so online via the Student Administrative System.  
  • Requests for change of major/minor/special will require the approval of the Head of Department or his/her nominee.
  • Click here to view change of programme regulations.

Registration Errors and Overrides

  • A Registration Error occurs where a student fails to meet the criteria set by the Faculty or Department to register for a course. A message will appear when the student attempts to add the course to their record.   
  • Students requesting override must do so online via the Student Administrative System(SAS) portal.
  • Where permission is granted, the department will give online approval and the course will be added automatically to the registration.
  • Departmental/Faculty override is required for registration add errors.
  • Click here for view list of FSS registration errors and override request handlers.
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