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CSGM Activities

How is the work of the Group related to Global Climate Change?

We are often asked how our work is related to global climate change. Well, 'global climate change' as the name suggests refers to change in climate on a global scale over a long period of time e.g. several decades or centuries. It is but one aspect of the change in the earth's total eco-system which is now being detected and studied. Much emphasis is placed on determining how the climate was in the past, and using models under various scenarios to determine how the climate will be in the future. The predictive models have to be tested, tweaked and validated against past and present climate conditions.

To make the models effective therefore a good knowledge of present day climate and the mechanisms that generate it is necessary. The work of the CSGM is in this way then directly related to global climate change.

A good understanding of Caribbean climate and the mechanisms that causes it will enable prediction even a few months in advance. In turn climate dependent sectors can make advanced preparations to capitalize on or mitigate the effects of future climate scenarios.

Since its inception, Climate Studies Group Mona has engaged several activities covering Researches, Projects and Publications.

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