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Medical Physics MSc.


Technological advances and developments in physics and medicine, particularly in radiology, radiotherapy and nuclear medical physics have created a demand for Qualified Medical Physicists to support the current progress in the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers rely heavily on continued education and training of medical physicists in order to achieve and maintain international health standards.

Programme Objectives

The MSc in Medical Physics was developed to:

  • provide education and clinical training for graduate students and to prepare them for careers in areas of diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, and health physics.
  • produce Qualified Medical Physicists who are competent by virtue of their education and training to practice independently one or more of the key subfields of Medical and Health Physics: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiological Physics, Nuclear Medical Physics, Medical, Environmental and Industrial Health Physics.
  • build local capacity for sustainable education, training and research in Medical Physics.

Programme Duration

The MSc programme is offered full-time over 18 months (three semesters) or part-time for 24-months in line with the University’s academic year. The duration of the Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) is 9 months (2 semesters).


Courses will be delivered in block mode on evenings and/or weekends to facilitate working professionals.

MSc in Medical Physics

The curriculum consists of three modules:

  • Level I (core),
  • Level II (professional)
  • Level III (speciality & practical).

A total of 48 credits are required for the award of the degree with an overall average mark of 50% and at least 50% in the Research Project.

Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip)

This includes the Level I and Level II courses from the MSc programme taken over two semesters.
A total of 24 credits is needed, with an overall average mark of 50%.

Course Code Course Title Credits
CORE (Level I)
MDPH6110 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists 3
MDPH6120 Physics of the Human Body 2
MDPH6130 Fundamentals of Radiation Physics and Dosimetry 4
MDPH6140 Medical Electronics and Instrumentation 3
MDPH6150 Biomedical Statistics and Informatics 2
MDPH6160 Radiation Biology and Protection 2
MDPH6210 Diagnostic Radiology: Physics and Equipment 4
MDPH6220 Radiation Therapy: Physics and Equipment 6
MDPH6230 Nuclear Medicine: Physics, Equipment and Applications 3
MDPH6240 Non-Ionization Radiation: Physics, Equipment and Applications 3
MDPH6250 Environmental and Industrial Health Physics 4
MDPH6320 Medical Physics Reseach Project 3
MDPH6304 Special Topics in Medical Physics 2
MDPH6320 Medical Physics Research Project 5
MDPH6330 Graduate Seminar 2
  Total  48



















Full-Time/Part-Time J$1,200,000 (4 installments of J$300,000)
per credit J$25,000
Resit/Exam Only J$52,606 per course


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