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The Neutron Physics Laboratory

The Neutron Physics Laboratory consists of three areas; The Medical Physics Teaching Laboratory, The Radioecology Laboratory and the Analytical Sample Preparation room.

The Medical Physics Teaching Lab is open to all students doing courses in Medical Physics at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels.  It has a wide range of equipment that is used for lab exercises. For example, the PowerLab 15T that is used for ECG, EMG and EEG investigations, Terranova-MRI system used for hands-on NMR and MRI learning exercises, and Spectech UCS30 and ST360 spectrometers outfitted with NaI (sodium iodide) scintillation detectors and Geiger Müller tubes that are used to investigate the properties of different types of ionizing radiation.

The Radioecological Laboratory hosts equipment that is used by postgraduate students. It has a variety of handheld radiation survey meters, a RAD7 that is used to determine Radon gas concentration in air, soil and water, a Canberra High Purity Germanium Gamma detector, NaI Gamma detectors, an X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, and a Cosmic Ray Muon detector.

The Analytical Sample preparation room houses equipment used to prepare biological and environmental samples for analysis by gamma spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence. Equipment available includes a mortar grinder, a mixer mill, a sieve shaker and drying and ashing ovens.

For further information please contact:
Prof. M. Voutchkov
Department of Physics
The University of the West Indies Mona,
Tel: 927-2480

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