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Dr. Phylicia A. Ricketts

Contact: email address phylicia.ricketts(at)

‘An individual has not started living until he can rise ab.ove the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity’. - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

She has completed a in Medical physics & Bio-engineering at UWI, Mona. She has a devoted interest in radiation therapy and heavy metal toxicity. Her research focuses on methyl mercury exposure to humans through fish consumption.


  • Professor Horace Fletcher, Head –Faculty of Medical Sciences, Dept of Obstetrics,      Gynaecology and Child health, UWI, Mona

  • Professor Mitko Voutchkov, Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences, Dept. Of Physics, UWI, Mona

Research project: Methyl mercury exposure to humans through fish consumption.

She is actively involved in the Toastmasters International (District 81) programme, and enjoys playing the Bb clarinet in the Jamaica Young People Symphony orchestra.



Professor  Mitko Voutchkov, Senior Lecturer in the  Department of Physics, Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences
Mitko Voutchkov holds the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physics and the M.Ed in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, as well as the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Nuclear Physics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Professor Voutchkov serves as Postgraduate Coordinator of the Department of Physics, and is Leader of the Materials & Medical Physics Research Group. He was instrumental in the relaunch of the Major in Materials Science and in the 2008-09 academic year introduced a new Major in Medical Physics & Bioengineering.



Stephen Silvera, MPhil Student and Lab Technologist responsible for the Medical Physics, Radioecological and material science Lab
Mr. Silvera holds the Bachelor of Science with Honours in Electrical and Computer Engineering from UWI . Has been involved with the medical phsics undergraduate programme and research since 2008 and undergone training relating to x-ray analysis and applications of environmental radioactive tracers.

Maurice Miller - PhD Student.



Javian MalcomMPhil Student 
Mr. Malcolm graduated with a First Class Bachelor of Science degree in General Physics from the University of the West Indies (UWI). He has participated in International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) training in gamma spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence. His primary interests are in radiation therapy and elemental composition analysis.









Jodian Thomas, MPhil Student
Bachelors of Science in Medical Physics, with honours
Minor in Environmental Physics
Postgraduate Research in Application of Medical Physics to Optical Diagnostics of Prostate Cancer in Jamaica.
Title: Early Detection of Precancerous Tissue of the Prostate using an Optical approach.
Abstract:  The cancer of the prostate usually begins in the epithelial cells of the peripheral zone of the prostate gland.  Changes in cellular mechanism and morphology are the earliest states of the malignant transformation.  By using an optical technique such as Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Reflectance Spectroscopy , Polarization Spectroscopy and even Quantization of Zinc or Citrate Content, we can determine if a cell and possibly a tissue is developing malignancy.  Measuring and analysing the statistical differences for optical parameters such as refractive index and zinc concentration for normal, precancerous and carcinoma tissue and doing so with a high Specificity and Sensitivity are some of my main objectives.


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