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  • Radiation and Health
    • Evaluation of Jamaican background radiation profile
  •   Cosmic rays
  •   Consumer electronics, cell phones
  •   Food/Drink
  •   Terrestrial (Mapping of Jamaican soils).
  •   Medical Diagnosis/Treatment (X-rays)
    • Quantification of effect of skull thickness on cell phone radiation (children vs adults)
  • Environmental applications of Radon
    • Radon in household water and mineral springs
    • Radon modelling of cave systems.
    • Development of cheap, active radon detector.
  • Heavy metals exposure and Health
    • Heavy metal effects on chronic kidney disease
    • Lead poisoning in children
    • Prenatal mercury exposure
    • Elemental composition of food packaging and plastic bottles
  • Projects
    • The group collaborated with Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) to assess the levels of mercury exposure from using skin lightening products in Jamaica.
  • Lectures
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