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Level 1 Courses

Course Code Title
ECNG1000 Electrical Circuits
PHYS1411 Mechanics
PHYS1412 Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics
PHYS1421 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS1422 Modern Physics
ELNG1101 Physics for Engineers
ENGR1000 Introduction to Engineering
ELET1500 Electrical Circuit Analysis And Devices
MATH1185 Mathematics for Scientists and Engineers
ELET1405 Practices in Basic Electronics
ECNG1012 Engineering Science and Technology
ECNG1009 Introduction to Programming
ECSE1102 Engineering Circuit Analysis and Devices
MDPH6160 Radiation Biology and Protection
MDPH6150 Biomedical Statistics and Informatics
MDPH6140 Basic Medical Electronics and Instrumentation
MDPH6130 Fundamentals of Radiation Physics and Dosimetry
MDPH6120 Physics of the Human Body
MDPH6110 Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists
MDPH6280 Radiation Safety and Protection
MDPH6270 Radiation Therapy 2: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6260 Radiation Therapy 1: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6190 Radiation Biology
MDPH6180 Biomedical Statistics
MDPH6170 Information Technology and Equipment in Radiation Medicine
MDPH6135 Fundamentals of Clinical Radiation Physics and Dosimetry
MDPH6115 Anatomy and Physiology for Clinical Medical Physicists
MDPH6215 Diagnostic Radiology Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6230 Nuclear Medicine: Physics, Equipment and Applications
MDPH6240 Non-Ionization Radiation: Physics, Equipment and Applications
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