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Dr. Carol Hordatt Gentles

Senior Lecturer in Education
Senior Lecturer
Summary of Qualifications and Experience: 

Dr. Hordatt Gentles holds a PhD in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning in Teacher Education from the Ontario Institute of Educational Studies, University of Toronto, a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, a Diploma in Education specializing in Geography and Social Studies from UWI, Mona, and a BA in Psychology from York University, Toronto, Canada. Dr. Hordatt Gentles is a Teacher Education and Teacher Development Specialist. In this capacity she has worked as a Consultant with the USAID, the World Bank, UNESCO and the Ministry of Education. Grenada on various projects across the Caribbean. She has also served on local, National and International Boards including the University Council of Jamaica,  the Advisory Board for Undergraduate Studies at the University of Technology and the Grace Kennedy Foundation Board.  She is currently the Chairperson of the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) and Chairperson of the Joint Board of Teacher Education, Mona. Her responsibilities in the School of Education include serving as Editor of the Caribbean Journal of Education and Programme Coordinator for the MA in Teacher Education and Teacher Development.

Teaching Cluster: 

Foundations of Teaching and Learning

Current Research Interest: 

Her academic and research interests include the use of critical pedagogy as an instrument for facilitating educational change and improving classroom practice, quality in teacher education, developing educational change mechanisms with specific focus on understanding the role of ideologies in hindering educational change, promoting education for sustainable development through teacher education and the teaching of qualitative research methodology.

Sample of Publications: 

Hordatt Gentles,C.  (2018). Reorienting Jamaican Teacher Education to address Sustainability: Challenges, Implications and Possibilities. In Taylor, M., Down, L., & Stephenson, K., (Eds.,) Climate Change and Education for Sustainable Development. Caribbean Quarterly. A Journal of Caribbean Culture. Vol 64, Issue 1. Pp 149-166,


Hordatt Gentles, C. (2017). Issues in Teacher Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean. In Re- Imagining Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean. Jennings, Z., & Edwards-Kerr, D.(Eds.). Ian Randle Publishers. Chapter 6.pp. 77-92.


Hordatt Gentles, C., & Newman, M., (2016) Educating Teacher Educators: Towards  a Curriculum for Preparing and Developing Teacher Educators in the Caribbean. In Maria Assuncao Flores & T. Al Barwani (Eds.), Redefining teacher education for the 21st century: Global Challenges and Best Practices. Nova’


Hordatt Gentles, C., (2017). Book Review. Thomas, E. (Ed.): Education in the Commonwealth Caribbean and Netherlands Antilles. In Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean Vol. 15, No. 1, 2016. Inaugural Online Issue.


Hordatt Gentles,C., & Newman, M., (2013). Educating Teachers for Jamaica: The Master of Arts Programme in Teacher Education and Teacher Development. International Council of Education for Teaching (ICET) 57th World Assembly Yearbook. STOU, Thailand.


Collins-Figueroa, M., Down, L., Hordatt Gentles, C., Newman, M., Davis-Morrison, V. Concepts of Professionalism among Prospective Teachers in Jamaica. In Down, L. & Newman, M., (Ed.). Rethinking Teacher Education and Teacher Development. Caribbean Journal of Education. Vol. 33. No. 2. September 2011. pp.176-201.(Published 2013).


Area of Specialization: 
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