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BBC Caribbean Archives (1988-2011)

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Caribbean Service donated its archive of recordings to The University of the West Indies (UWI) after it ceased broadcasting on March 25, 2011. This archive of audio recordings covers the period 1988-2011, when the BBC Caribbean Service operated mainly as a news and current affairs department. During this period, the flagship programmes of the department were the BBC Caribbean Report (morning and evening drivetime editions) and Caribbean Magazine, a programme that reflected the human face of the news agenda as well as reporting on the Caribbean region's music, literature, and other cultural issues. The BBC Caribbean Archive at The UWI provides a unique contemporary record of the political, social cultural and economic issues pertaining to the Caribbean, and will therefore serve an a very important facility for research regionally and extra-regionally.

The archives are searchable  directly from UWISPACE  or from UWILIC and allows access to a short exceprt . If a researcher wishes to listen to any programme in its entirety from within the archive, the libraries at the University of the West Indies campuses should be contacted for details on how this can be facilitated.
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