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Students with Disabilities

The Library at The University of the West Indies provides access to its collection and services to all users including those with disabilities.

Marked disability parking spaces are available and there are ramps that provide easy access to the physical buildings. Other services include:

Assistive Technology

The Visually Impaired Students’ Technology Assisted Services (VISTAS) was established in 1997. It provides visually challenged students with assistive (adaptive) technologies that aid in their learning process.


KURZWEIL provides visually impaired users with access to printed and electronic material. Printed documents (after being scanned) and digital files such as eBooks or email are converted from text to speech and read aloud.

Jaws for Windows

This software provides speech technology that works with your computer's operating system to provide access to popular software applications and the Internet for visually impaierd students.

Victor Reader

This is a sophisticated digital talking book with an audio and mp3 CD player that allows visually impaired
students to read from the printed pages.

Braille Embosser

This machine converts text to Braille

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