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2021 Updated List of Available Cassidy Collection Folders

Ambassador Dudley Joseph Thompson (1917 – 2012) was a politician, diplomat and Pan-Africanist famed for his work in the trial of Kenyan nationalist Jomo Kenyatta which brought the political situation in Kenya under the international spotlight. The papers of Dudley Thompson were donated to The UWI Mona in 2018 and is housed at the Mona Library. With content covering the late 1940s through to 2012, researchers can access speeches, correspondence and interviews among other material with Thompson and political leaders such as Nelson Mandela and Michael Manley.  

Jamaica Now is a collection comprising magazines published by the Public Relations Office of the Government of Jamaica, between the periods 1959 to 1960. As a publication of the Government, it was designed to inform the country of the various projects undertaken within the various Government Ministries, and provide updates on a number of initiatives. It comprises a Did You Know section, short articles on issues such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Farm work programme etc. It also has a Question Box which provides responses to questions raised by the public.


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