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The Library welcomes visitors, however, in order to maximize access to the resources and services for students, faculty and staff of the University, there are limits on facilities, collections, resources and services visitors may use.



Users wishing to access the UWI Library resources would normally belong to one of the following categories:


  • Current members of the UWI Alumni Association
  • Students/staff of Norman Manley Law School
  • Faculty of affiliated institutions
  • Students of special international group programmes
  • Visiting students, faculty of regional and international universities
  • Students of secondary schools
  • Students of non-affiliated institutions by arrangement
  • Staff-government ministries /agencies; NGOs or foreign embassies/missions
  • Specially negotiated arrangements for corporate groups  
  • Individuals pursuing private scholarly research
  • Non-UWI researchers working with UWI staff/students in research projects


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