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The University of the West Indies Library supports teaching learning and research, serving all members of the University community. We welcome gift donations as these significantly enhance our collections and ensure that the libraries continue to provide all the important resources that our users require. The Library has a particular interest in West Indian material, scholarly, current and rare items, personal papers, and personal collections.  For such donations please contact the Campus Librarian, Dr. Paulette Kerr  or the Head of the West Indies and Special Collections, Mrs. Francis Salmon.

When the Library accepts donations of books they become the property of the Library. We reserve the right to use or dispose of such material in any manner deemed appropriate. Please contact Head of the Acquisitions Section, Ms Cheryl Kean

A brief letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the donor and a print or digital donor plate will provide recognition of the donor to our users.


Recent Donations:

A Collection of paintings by the late Jamaican intuitive artist Ras Dizzy  from Retired Deputy Principal of the UWI, Mona Campus, Joseph Pereira. Read more







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