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The Science Branch Library (SBL) was opened on December 7, 1973 with assistance from the Canadian government. On May 17, 2017 the SBL was re-named Science & Engineering Branch Library (SEBL) to formally recognize the inclusion of Engineering as part of its mandate. The Science & Engineering Branch Library is located to the south of the Physics Department in the Faculty of Science & Technology. The collection covers resources in Pure and Applied Sciences, Pre-clinical Medicine, Agriculture, Technology, Physical Geography, Engineering and some aspects of the Environmental Sciences. 

Resources on the political, social and economic aspects of Geography and the Environmental Sciences are housed in the Main Library. The Science Library is the focal point of CARDIN (Caribbean Disaster Information Network) established in 1999. View our brochure HERE




Conference of the Parties (United Nations Climate Change Conference) COP27: 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference

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Plastic and Micro-Plastic in the Environment


 Women in Stem Display Women In STEM


 Black History Month



Earth Day


Plant Heritage Plant Heritage







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