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50 Select Distinguished University of the West Indies, Mona Faculty and Nation-builders. In 2012, The University of the West Indies achieved 50 years of being an autonomous degree granting institution. In recognition of this significant milestone, the Mona Library mounted an exhibition. This exhibition featured a select grouping of 50 distinguished UWI Mona scholars, representing disciplines from the then four (4) faculties (Humanities and Education; Medical Sciences; Pure and Applied Sciences & Social Sciences). These scholars were deemed to have contributed significantly to the development of The University of the West Indies, as an intellectual hub of the Caribbean region. Comprised of seven panels, this exhibition is intended to inform about pioneering, diligent and continuous research and community service of Mona Campus faculty.

The Faculty of Humanities and Education has been at the forefront of documenting the Caribbean identity through the research output of its departments. These disciplines are cultural studies, education, history, library studies, linguistics, literature, media and communication, modern languages and philosophy. 17 personalities are featured. The Faculty of Medical Sciences has the distinction of being the first established faculty of what later became The University of the West Indies (UWI). Noted for the exceptionally high standard of its medical programme the faculty has gained international recognition as graduates distinguish themselves in many specializations. 14 personalities are featured. The Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences is among the largest in the University. The students are enrolled in the departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics, and Zoology. 8 personalities are featured. At the end of the 1961-62 academic year, the first class of Social Science students graduated. Building on this achievement the Faculty of Social Sciences has through its faculty and students contributed research and scholarship in various aspects of Caribbean society. 11 personalities are featured. This listing, whilst not exhaustive, is a sampling of the tremendous achievements and outstanding, dedicated service of Mona faculty. A concentration on the specialized interests of the Caribbean people designed to forge local solutions will bring about development across many spheres. The UWI is proud to serve the Jamaican people through its unique assortment of talents. Our mission is to continue to propel the economic, social and cultural development of the society through teaching, research innovation, advisory and community services and intellectual leadership. When the University of the West Indies was birthed, its vision was to become the link for our disparate communities. Its’ promise was to unearth through scientific investigation and articulate findings in a distinctive voice of the Caribbean perspective. Its’ potential for all generations remains the provision of strategic and policy advice for Caribbean governments, businesses and institutions.

Kenneth Everard Niven Ingram, OD, Dlitt, Mphil, FLA, BA was an academic librarian, bibliographer, historian and poet. He served for a decade as the University Librarian from 1971-1981. Ingram was the third holder of this post. Over his academic career, Ingram contributed significantly to advancing West Indian History research, and to the development of The University of the West Indies, Mona Library. This exhibition were originally mounted in 2014 to accompany the inaugural staging of the Kenneth E. Ingram Memorial Lecture. The four (4) panels comprising this exhibition are intended to inform about the man and his contributions to scholarship.

This online display commemorates Reggae Month 2019 and the two significant achievements concerning Reggae Music. Firstly, Reggae music is 50 years old this year, secondly, Reggae music has been recognized as a truly international phenomena.
In November 2018, Reggae Music of Jamaica was inscribed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) list of intangible treasures for the whole of humanity. This is a significant achievement for Jamaica. The country boasts significant cultural influence which belies is comparatively miniature size, both in population and in land mass.

Watch The Inscription of "Reggae music of Jamaica" on the Representative List - 2003 Convention (29/11/2018)

This Awards ceremony organised by The UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) will recognize seven alumni, selected by their peers and representing each decade from 1948 to present. Awardees chosen for their significant contribution to their communities and areas of endeavour.

The P.J. Patterson Collection officially received by The University of the West Indies.
The Most Honourable P.J. Patterson, ON, OCC, PC, QC, former Prime Minister of Jamaica, on Tuesday, April 25, 2018, formally deposited a collection of papers with The University of the West Indies (UWI). At a function held at the Regional Headquarters the Vice-Chancellor receiving the collection on behalf of The UWI described Mr. Patterson as “… an extraordinary history maker….”. The UWI, prides itself on being the Caribbean region’s premier research institution, the Mona Library will be the home for the collection.

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Dudley Joseph Thompson was born in Panama on January 19, 1917, to Daniel and Ruby Thompson. He had seven siblings. His father, a teacher and his mother, a seamstress, were part of masses Jamaicans who went to Panama and helped to build the Panama Canal. The family returned to Jamaica to settle in Darliston, Westmoreland in the late 1920s.

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This exhibition is designed to assist students in examining the key areas that will guide them in developing excellent research and writing skills.

The Science Branch library has created an exhibition on “Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)”. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the work of women scientists (professors and doctors) in the Faculty of Science & Technology at the University of the West Indies, Mona. It also seeks to call attention to the burgeoning STEM concept in Jamaica.

An exhibition to honour the recipients of the 2014 Vice Chancellor's Awards for Excellence  is now on display in the Catalogue Hall of the Main Library.

Recepients of this award: Professor Marvin Reid, Director of the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit, Professor Simon Mitchell, Department of Geography and Geology, and Professor Hopeton Dunn, Director of the Caribbean Institute of Media & Communications (CARIMAC), whose award is for contributions to public service. The awards were presented at a ceremony on Monday, October 27th at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge and Conference Centre.

A distinguished and well-respected thinker, theorist, sociologist, and political activist, Hall was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1932. He attended Jamaica College and in 1950 was the recipient of both the Jamaica and Rhodes scholarships. The exhibition highlights his high school accomplishments, his cultural and political activism in Britain, his scholarship, his impressive public service record, as well as his numerous honours and awards.

The exhibition was originally mounted  for the Centre  for Caribbean Thought's Third  Annual Conference  in 2004  entitled "Culture, Politics, Race and Diaspora: the Thought of Stuart Hall”,

It was remounted in his memory. (Feb 2014)

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