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Course Reserve (RBC)

The course reserve collection consists of material which is in great demand because they have been placed on reading lists.  These are recommended by teaching faculty to be stocked for a specific period of time.  These may be for a very short period, for a semester or an academic year.  As such these materials may be loaned for 3-hours or for overnight.

It is the responsibility of the faculty to supply the library with the necessary reading lists on time so that the library  acquires these reading materials.

How do I place materials on  Course Reserve for my classes?

On your reading lists to be submitted to the Library, identify items (prescribed texts) for Course Reserve.  This will ensure that items in the open shelf collection  that are on your lists are transfered to the course reserve. There will be no reserved items for your students if reading lists are not submitted.

You may also submit your list using the online form below:



How do I view items on course reserve for my classes?

Go to UWIlinC  at UWI Quick Link  click  Search and access Course reserve materials

Use drop down  arrow  to select search type

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