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Cousins Hereward Postcard Collection

The Cousins Hereward Postcard Collection describes a holding of 212 picture postcards depicting Jamaican scenery. The majority of these postcards, was produced between 1899 and 1907, and was collected by Mr. Herbert Henry Cousins, a British expatriate who worked in Jamaica from 1900 till 1932. Mr. H.H. Cousins served as Jamaica’s first Director of Agriculture (1908-32) and established the Jamaica Farm School at Hope in St. Andrew.

The Collection was donated by Mr. Guy E.S. Herward, a nephew, by marriage, of Mr. Cousins in 1982. Amongst the postcards are specimens from the Gardner’s Jamaica Household Series, Gardner’s Jamaica Alphabet and Gardner’s Jamaica Proverbs Series. The postcards provide visual records of early 20th century Jamaican history and documentary evidence of the multicultural society which was emerging after post-slavery in Jamaica. There is also evidence of the retention of African and East Indian traditions.

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