Due to terms and conditions of licensing agreements, access to certain database is restricted. Access to these resources is available as follows:

On Campus: from any computer workstation connected to the University's local area network i.e. in the Library, Computer Labs, Faculty Offices, Halls of Residence etc.

Off Campus using the ISP (Internet Service Provider) of your choice you will be asked to enter your UWI staff or UWI student Id number and your UWI_Mona or Student domain password. 

International Databases

 West Indies Databases

  • AGORA Provides access to the major journals and books in in agriculture and life sciences. Requires user name and password . Please contact the Main Library or Medical or Science Branch Libraries. NB as of Jan 2014 AGORA requires that users logon twice.

  • Clinical evidence (on Trial) an international database of high-quality, rigorously developed systematic overviews assessing the benefits and harms of treatments, and a suite of EBM resources and training materials.

  • Credo reference is an online reference solution offering 550+ highly regarded reference titles covering every major subject from the world’s best publishers of reference material

  • Data Metallogenica : the world’s newest, most comprehensive and representative repository of information on the world’s ore deposits. Access is via password only. Please get password from Science Branch Librarian.

  • Emeraldinsight  Electronic Management Research Library Database, a full text database of the journals published by Emerald .

  • HighWire Press hosts the largest repository of high impact, peer-reviewed content from over 140 scholarly publishers

  • HINARI - Provides access to the major journals in biomedical and related social sciences. Requires  user name and password . Please contact the Main Library or Medical or Science Branch Libraries. N.B  as of Jan 2014 Hinari requires that users logon twice.

  • IMF eLIBRARY: Provides direct access to the IMF's periodicals, books, working papers and studies, in addition to data and statistical tools.

  • JSTOR:  The UWI library has access to the Arts & Sciences I, Arts & Sciences II, Business, and Language & Literature Collections.

  • Lexis Library:  Provides access to variety of legal Resources Including Commonwealth reports, West Indian Reports and Halsbury’s Laws.

  • MathSciNet:  A comprehensive database covering the world's mathematical literature since 1940.

  • Medline (PubMed): The National Library of Medicine's search service that provides access to over 10 million citations in Medline, PreMEDLINE, and other related databases.

  • NLM Electronic resources Provides access to a variety   of electronic resources available  from the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM).

  • OARE - provides access to one of the world’s largest collections of environmental science research. Requires user name and password . Please contact the Main Library or Medical or Science Branch Libraries.  N.B.  as of Jan 2014 OARE requires that users logon twice.

  • Popline: From the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Program - provides citations with abstracts of the worldwide literature on population, family planning, and related health issues.

  • Project Muse : Provides full-text access to over 300 journals from 60 scholarly publishers.

  •  Science Direct: Provides access to electronic book and journals  published by Elsevier

  • Scifinder Scholar:  Provides chemical and related scientific information from Chemical Abstracts Service.  Individual user registration required for the web version. Please contact the Reference Librarian in the Science Branch Library 935-8202 or ext 2202 for more information.

  • SpringerLink : an integrated full-text database for journals, books, protocols, eReferences, and book series published by Springer

  • Web of Science: Provides Science Citation Index expanded with 5 years backfiles.  Includes   Journal Citation Report  and   Essential Science Indicators

  • Westlaw: (access restricted to law students with user name/password)


  • Caribbean Digital Library - A web service of the Caribbean Knowledge Management Centre. It provides access to Caribbean documents on the web and is arranged by 21 broad headings.

  • CARIBLEX - the ILO's database of national labour legislation for the 13 ILO member States of the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean. This database is maintained by the ILO's Subregional Office for the Caribbean.

  • Children’s Law Library provides easy access to the law relating to children in the CARICOM countries covered by the UNICEF Office for the Eastern Caribbean Area

  • DaSHRR: Repository Database of Sexual Health Research and Resources in the Caribbean offers free access to strategic data emerging from various fields of inquiry on the multiple aspects of HIV and AIDS. It concentrates on social, political, and economic perspectives on the pandemic in the Caribbean after 2000 up to recent. The information it contains can be useful for people living with HIV and AIDS, policy makers, programme designers and implementers as well as researchers

  • ECLAC databases: various databases from The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)databases

  • Medcarib: Contains information on all aspects on health and medicine relating to the English speaking Caribbean and Suriname. Produced by the Medcarib Network for which the Medical Library is the Regional Coordinating Centre.

  • MORD - Mona Online Research Database: contains scholarly output from faculty and staff of The University of the West Indies. It covers over 6,000 entries of published and unpublished material, technical reports and expert information.

  • Rastafari Ephemeral Publications from the Written Rastafari Archives Project:  (WRAP) is a much overdue literary compilation and historical documentation of some of the many volumes of written words that have been printed by different sectors of the international Rastafari community.”  Documents include magazines and newsletters such as:  Rasta Voice Newsletter; Rastafari International News; Reggae Roots; Rasta Vibrations; JAHUGLIMAN as well as other Rastafari ephemeral publications from the 1970s to the present.

  • Roots Knotty Roots - The Discography of Jamaican Music (Available only on-campus). RKR is the most accurate, comprehensive discography of Jamaican singles with over 62,000 listings covering the years 1953-1986. There is also documentation about each record. B sides are fully described, and through descriptions of rhythms, musical origins and genres you can get a much better feel for the music itself. RKR is fully searchable and contains a lot of information you will not find anywhere else

  • UWI Papers: The objective of the UWI Working Papers on Law, Management and Policy (UWIPapers) is to provide a multidisciplinary forum for colleagues to share and criticise their work. The UWIPapers also provide a portal to the abstract and full text articles hosted on the Social Science Research Network SSRN




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