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Guidelines for Using Digital Content




Guidelines for Using Digital Content

17 March 2021


The University of the West Indies licenses a variety of research material including databases, electronic journals and books, and other web-accessible resources. Due to terms and conditions in these licensing agreements and copyright law, access is restricted to registered students and current staff of The University of the West Indies. The following outlines the Principles of Use of UWI’s digital content.


Usually Permitted


1. Viewing, downloading, copying, printing, and saving individual articles or search results

2. Using eResources for research and teaching

3. Sending a copy of an article to another authorized user

4. Sharing the URL, or posting it

5. Citing small portions of content in your published research


Usually Not Permitted


1. Systematically downloading or distributing large volumes of material

2. Using eResources for personal commercial gain

3. Sharing content with unauthorized users

4. Publicly posting the full text of articles

NOTE: Engagement in any of the above activities may result in suspension of your access, and possibly access for the entire UWI.


Copyright and eResources


Access to eResources is provided by the University Libraries via licence agreements with publishers, and the materials provided by publishers are subject to copyright law.

Printing and Downloading: eJournals and eBooks

1. You may print or download up to one article or 10% from an eJournal issue, whichever is greater.

2. You may print or download up to one chapter or 10%, from an eBook, whichever is greater.

3. Printing or downloading more than this, without the permission of the copyright owner, is against copyright law.

4. Downloading the entire contents of an eJournal is illegal.


NOTE: There may also be additional restrictions to the level of downloading from eBooks, depending on limits set by individual publishers and third party suppliers. Where this is the case, there will usually be alerts on the publisher’s or supplier’s website to indicate how much you can print or download from an eBook. You are expected to comply with the terms of use for the eResources you use. If in doubt, Ask a Librarian.
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