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Endangered Archives Programme

Endangered Archives Programme


The University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona Library (UML) will serve as the British Library's (BL) Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) regional hub for the Caribbean. The EAP endeavors to digitize archives worldwide that face the imminent threats of destruction, neglect, or physical deterioration (

Open Call for Applications: Workshop on Collection Care in Libraries and Archives (Mona, 09-11 October 2024)


 Endangered Archives Programme: Caribbean Perspectives Webinar

The Endangered Archives Programme: Caribbean Perspectives Webinar was held via Zoom on February 5, 2024. The webinar provided insights into the British Library's Endangered Archives Programme (EAP), which offers funding and support for the digitization of endangered archives globally. This session featured discussions with previous EAP grant recipients in the Caribbean, alongside information on available resources and upcoming training opportunities in digitization.

Endangered Archives Programme: How to set up a Digitisation Studio

Twenty-six (26) participants from Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana, Belize, St. Lucia, and Bermuda will participate in an onsite three-day Workshop at the Mona Library from March 20th to 22nd, 2024.  The workshop will be delivered by personnel from the British Library and will focus on “How to set up a Digitisation Studio.” Over the three days, participants will be exposed to both the theoretical and practical components of setting up a digital library. A brief outline of the three-day workshop is presented below:

  • Why do we digitise? General principles of digitisation and overview of material types
  •  Equipment choices & options
  • Equipment set up
  • Capture of specimen items (hands-on)
  • What makes a successful digitisation project? (Overnight Reading Room Lab)
  • How to apply to the Endangered Archives Programme (EAP)
  • Image post-processing (demonstration)
  • Post-processing (hands-on)
  • EAP Resources
  • Participants will be awarded a Certificate at the end of the workshop.



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